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Or, at least, positive aspects that might help you better understand your lawyer-mate.

Empathy Goes a Long Way to Understanding In a recent article that appeared on, it was suggested that empathy, or a lack thereof, was one character trait that could make or break a romantic relationship with a lawyer.

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You’re tired of living apart due to your spouse’s commitment to their work.

It’s something to keep in mind when not just marrying a lawyer, but getting involved in any type of relationship with a lawyer. Even if your lawyer love is there on the sofa, watching the Home and Garden Network or the Rams game, they may not truly be there at all.So as someone who is or who seeks to marry an attorney, what are you supposed to do? Well, as harsh as it might seem, there are no actions to take, except separation and/or divorce. Because nothing will change; the practice of law won’t slow down or become more marriage-friendly, and your spouse, as a devoted lawyer, will stay a devoted lawyer for as long as he has a job and/or lives.See the following articles for more information: How Lawyers Are Built As was mentioned earlier, lawyers are built to be confident and to persevere. They need to have continuous laser focus on their cases. This is the way law school, and afterward, the legal practice trains lawyers.Our lawyers have developed skill and expertise in specific areas of the law, often working together to provide our clients with comprehensive advice on complex issues.Ross & Mc Bride's clients include financial institutions and non-profit organizations, large public corporations and small family businesses, senior citizens and young people.

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Either that or your lawyer mate might just be worn out from a long day, week, month or year.

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  1. One of my traits which helps in my profession is being sociable. I appreciate honesty and understanding, readiness to help and being kind. I will appreciate if he loves animals and I hope he will find a common language with my daughter.