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Bewildered, angered and confused, Hannah embarks on a journey with Jason, her oldest friend.

Filmmakers the Erwin brothers have decided to tell a story that needs to be told about a young girl who had survived an abortion and first learns about it at the age of 19.

The whole feel of the loss, obsession, and pursuit of truth feels a lot like last year's .Although some voices of inspiration help Hannah on her journey (like a police officer and a priest), they tend to sound more like wisdom-spouting Alfreds from any given Batman film, but they still work to create some of the film's more touching moments (I particulary enjoyed Hannah--a baptist--opening up to the Catholic priest about her questions.It showed just how irrelevant denominational tags are when we're dealing with our big God).The content for just barely warrants a PG-13 rating. There is no profanity or significant violence, and there is no crude sexual content.The one scene where Jason and Hannah are forced to share a hotel room due to low funds, Hannah takes the bed while Jason takes the floor.

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