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19, during a “Face to Face” Worldwide Young Single Adult Event.Hosted by students at the Logan, Utah, Institute of Religion and emanating live from the Morgan Theater at Utah State University, the 90-minute question-and-answer session was carried to hundreds of thousands of locations in Church institutes and other venues across the world via internet feed on the Church’s website, Facebook page and You Tube channel.When I say clutter I’m talking about all the technology that is available, all the things that can take your mind away from those quiet moments when you get the prompting that you’re seeking as you go through life.” “Keep a smile on your face! “This is a question we wrestle with all of our lives,” Elder Oaks responded.“It’s well to remember that the scriptures teach us that inspiration comes in the ‘still, small voice.’ It doesn’t come in the urgent impulses of doing what we want to do or reaching out in bias for a confirmation to our personal opinion.” Elder Ballard added, “My counsel would be to be sure your own life is being lived in such a way that you can receive these promptings.He also tells us, and this is from the 88th Section of the Doctrine and Covenants, that it will come in His own time, in His own way and according to His own will.” “So we patiently wait upon the Lord and don’t get up tight because we haven’t had our prayer answered the first time — or the first year — that we have asked it.” Elder Ballard added that sometimes it is hard to listen. They want to know why you believe what you believe.” Elder Oaks added, “The scriptures say ‘in mildness and meekness.’ We don’t pound the gospel into our friends or our family.

“You … have to … say to yourself, ‘I will now tonight, because I’ve been in this meeting with two members of the Quorum of the Twelve, draw a line and I’m not going to step over it again to the pornography side.

We have to be willing to talk to one another about this issue.

“For members of the Church there are two or three things to remember: One is we make covenants, and then we’re striving in our lifetime to keep those covenants.

“We send our love across the oceans, the mountains and the electronics to all the world,” said Elder Oaks, bringing appreciative chuckles from the live congregation.

In addition to those present in Logan, young single adult groups in Mexico City, Mexico, and Lima, Peru, were linked into the broadcast, and members of the groups participated in it live.

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How can I deal with doubts when faced with tough questions from Church history?

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