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If the issue is purely a religious one, and if they apply the prohibition against associating with those who do not follow your beliefs to everyone, then they may be allowed to discriminate against you based upon your association with others who violate their religious principles.

However, if, for instance, they apply the rule to women but not men, African-Americans but not whites, or the disabled but not the non-disabled, they will be liable for discrimination.

Either way, the population is divided — and by an issue much more emotive than Brexit. A singer’s attempt to prove the effectiveness of a charity’s water filter backfired when he drank from the wrong bottle and fell into a coma.

Darius Campbell, who rose to fame on the ITV television talent contests Popstars in 2001 and Pop Idol in...

A £3.5 million inquiry into one of Britain’s most notorious crime gangs collapsed after multiple claims of police corruption, an investigation by The Times has revealed.

Officers from Greater Manchester police were accused of taking bribes from associates of Paul Massey, the underworld “Mr Big”...

If we don’t sign, we have been told that we do not have a job.So, in answer to your question: Definitely not normal, definitely not okay, definitely outrageous. I asked Donna Ballman, author of the awesome to weigh in on whether what your employer is doing is legal or not.She pointed out that the first issue is whether the education institution is actually exempt from Title VII’s religious discrimination requirements.); whether the entity’s articles of incorporation or other pertinent documents state a religious purpose; whether it is owned, affiliated with or financially supported by a formally religious entity such as a church or other religious organization; whether a formally religious entity participates in the management, for instance by having representatives on the board of trustees; whether the entity holds itself out to the public as secular or sectarian; whether the entity regularly includes prayer or other forms of worship in its activities; whether it includes religious instruction in its curriculum, to the extent it is an educational institution; and whether its membership is made up of coreligionists.As you can see, the determination is very fact-specific.

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