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" To her surprise she gets an answer of sorts from the INXS song playing nearby, "Need You Tonight".In a reverie she joins the bearded, bespectacled Almighty in a rendition and resolves to "go on an adventure with God".Our culinary tradition is based on using healthy ingredients and organic products, always respecting the basic principles of the Mediterranean diet.To ensure authenticity and taste, most of what we offer our guests is produced on the farm.Lia gets her adventure in Australia, where she falls for handsome horse-trainer Brett.

Simone Lia's Fluffy is one of the best-loved books on the Cape graphic novel list.Downstairs, divorced six-stone dietician Janet is being tormented by nuisance phone calls from the gluttonous members of "The Midnight Feast Front", while Brian has developed an attraction to diseased women, making long-term relationships difficult.On the top floor live timid grandmother Demi, confined to her tiny flat and ailing frame, and the hedonistic Marion, who wants to free all bodies from society's shackles.Extra virgin olive oil, wine, lemon, jams and vegetables can be purchased.Romance is in the air, as two gifted British graphic novelists confront today's physical, psychological and spiritual challenges of finding love.

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Funny, touching and even occasionally profound, Please God Find Me a Husband!

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  1. The client will contact you prior to the booking to discuss her requirements for the evening, these will be what you should wear and where and what the booking will consist of, e.g. Please note there is no obligation on either party for anything other than a social booking to take place.