Accommodating style

They may have to give in to reach the desired outcome.Accommodating may preserve future relationships with the conflicting person or party.The diagram shows how different levels of those two dimensions combine to create five different styles of conflict management: People who use the accommodating style of conflict management often neglect their own concerns to satisfy the concerns of others. People who accommodate may be selflessly generous or charitable, and they may also obey another person when they would prefer not to, or yield to another’s point of view.They may work against their own goals or objectives to reach a desired outcome.This lesson is designed to help you think about conflict management styles in the context of living on campus in college.Working through this lesson will enable you and your parents to discuss approaches to solving conflicts based on your conflict management style.

This approach may be appropriate for emergencies when time is of the essence, or when you need quick, decisive action.

When people are living together, conflict is sure to arise.

Therefore, people have developed different ways to handle conflict.

However, it’s also possible to fall into the trap of compromising as an easier way out when collaborating, though harder, would have produced a better solution.

Have your student complete the “Conflict Management Questionnaire.” Then discuss how he or she would respond to the conflict scenario on the last page.

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Some people describe compromise as a “lose-lose” approach, but this view is misleading.

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