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Failing all of those opinions, Birmingham and Coventry are a cheap train ride away. During the day there are various different cafes and restaurants to while away the hours in – Nandos opening a restaurant on the high street was big news.

Free entertainment can be had in the park for those with a football or a vivid imagination.

Orange Wednesdays at the Vue are a nice cheap way to pass the time as well although Leamington does not have its own ice rink as of yet, bitter disappointment.

Where’s the best place for non-millionaires to live?

You have completely altered that, and done so well’.

Leamington is also home to Kelsey’s, the bar much patronized by Warwick university students due to its famed four-pint pitcher of a virulent green concoction that goes by the somewhat apt name "Eliminator".Lally adjudicated a number of regional drama competitions for the WI throughout the 1920s, including the Warwickshire region.These events offered women the opportunity to dress as men and perform in male roles.They formed friendships with a number of prominent women’s rights activists who were also involved in the theatre, including Edith Craig (daughter of Dame Ellen Terry) and Vera (Jack) Holme.Gwen Lally generally opted to wear ‘male attire’, as can be seen in many of their portraits.

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