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The minute you find out he's associated with the military operative the Initiative, and his Saltine personality is going to run all Season 4, you just want their relationship to end already. Plus the dude started letting vampires suck his blood when Buffy wasn't giving him enough attention. After being sent to counselor Buffy for cheating on his homework, Buffy pulls him into an empty classroom and seduces him while under a love spell. He was a 17-year-old waxing poetic about the ocean.Oh, I'm sorry, it's only just because her mother just tragically died and she was trying to save the world. When he tried to grope Buffy on the way to school and she consequently broke his nose, he then told the Principal (of all people) that she was a big old tease.Buffy grew a lot when Angel finally left her, but for what it's worth, those crazy kids really did love each other. The progeny of a slayer himself, Principal Wood understood Buffy's whole tormented ethos pretty well for a normal high school principal.

Dark, mysterious, cut, and particularly helpful with defeating the forces of darkness, he seemed perfect for the slayer. He may be the hallmark romantic interest of the entire series, the one guy Buffy could never really get over, but let's not try to pretend everything was all 5 x 5 between these two.Plus, Buffy and Spike's flavor of passionate, super strength sex is unparalleled.We'll take Spike, peroxide, drunkenness, kitten-gambling and all.Cute enough, but do we need to point out that he shared a body with a god from a Hell dimension?Professionals will also note that he's miraculously bad at his job as a medical physician.

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