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Allison "Alli" Rose Speed (Formally Alli Trippy) (August 13th, 1989) is an internet personality and Vlogger.Speed was once a constant figure on the CTFx C Channel and 'Internet Killed Television' Vlogs, alongside Charles Trippy.It is believed that Speed is of Jewish descent through her mother's side.During her childhood, Speed was very active and danced for 12 years, doing many styles, including ballet, as well as being trained on pointe.Speed and Trippy met face to face for the first time in December 2008 and had their first date at Starbucks.The two soon started making Videos together - with Speed making her first appearance on the Charles Trippy channel in January 2009.

The two started talking soon after and Speed posted a picture with 'Add Charles' written on her face, in a bid to help him win the competition.

Speed and Trippy discuss how they met in - INTERNET LOVING!

(2.18.10 - Day 294) and Speed discusses her relationship with Trippy in - Alli Trippy Talks Love & Babies on The Moms View!

Realizing that her layover would be for the most part of the day, Speed was unsure as to what to do.

It was then that she remembered, that 4 years prior Karcher had moved to South Korea, believing that "this was happening for a reason", Speed made contact with Karcher via Facebook.

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Speed attended New Gate School in Sarasota, FL and graduated in 2007, she then attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL where she studied Spanish.

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