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Sometimes they are a little too agreeable and do whatever it takes to keep the peace.

They have a real tendency to put others needs before their own.

Moon in Aries People with Moon in Aries are very spontaneous with their feelings, they leap from emotion to emotion and may be quick to anger.

Very sensitive and go getting, if they want your attention they want it now.

Good food, curling up with lots of affection, long term relationships are things Moon in Taurus live for.

They can be stubborn, possessive and demanding but they’re usually in it for the long hall.

Once they truly love, they will love forever and even if the relationship is long over they have the tendency to stay out of a sense of duty.They usually have a karmic bond with their mother (for good or bad) and find it very difficult to break the bond.They also make great mothers or fathers themselves and will live for their kids.Moon Leo will fiercely protect their lover and desire a mate who they can be proud of, expect them to be generous but also flirtatious, jealous but also have a double standard where they feel entitled to do their own thing.Although a bit of handful if you capture their heart they will shower you with love.

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Moon in Cancer loves totally and wants to nurture you in a relationship but if insecure can get quite manipulative as they have the potential to do anything to maintain emotional security.

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