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Located in the solidly working-class area of north Liverpool—less than half a mile from the home of arch-rivals Everton—it’s another ground built by Archibald Leitch.

According to Simon Inglis, author of Football Grounds of Britain, it was Arsenal who first used the name “Spion Kop” for a sloped terrace (after the 1900 Boer War battle fought on a hill), but “Anfield’s Kop inspired all later imitations… In its heyday, the Kop held 30,000 fans—although not always comfortably.

Clough had taken over, in 1974, from Don Revie—he of the dodgy car coats—who led Leeds through their great era of the 1960s and early 70s.

Throughout that time, the club captain was Billy Bremner, the growly, diminutive Scot who rarely went out of his way to avoid a scrap.

But, as any visitor knows, there’s a huge mismatch between the myth and the reality—not least because shiny corporate Wembley sits in a depressing industrial estate and the approach reeks of cheap burgers. There are three pages of options for different coffees. We now have ‘artisan coffee’ – I’m disappointed that this isn’t as I had thought, hand ground by a tiny hipster hidden away in the machine. Thankfully, yesterday, Microsoft announced a reverse ferret, Paint is here to stay. Sometimes, the simplest tools are the best tools for the simplest jobs and the simplest users. The British football grounds featured in this guide are some of the most iconic in the whole world.(Jacko’s only link to the club was that he once attended a game as Al-Fayed’s guest.) When criticised by fans for erecting the memorial, Al-Fayed’s response was: “They can go to hell.” Capacity: 25,700.For tours, go to Read more: The world's 10 weirdest stadiums In Liverpool’s footballing pomp, when curly perms ruled, Anfield saw the fulfilment of many dreams.

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