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no3) Should I go out with each one a few more times before deciding? if you find one that does more than the other, then try to put off dating the other girl until later. If either of these women had demanded that you be exclusive, you would probably think she was out of bounds. It is acceptable to date as many women as you like until you find one with whom you want a lasting, intimate relationship.

On the other hand, there are many women, myself included, who prefer men who date one woman at a time.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I set up dates on successive nights, earlier this week.

It turns out that both of these women are absolutely fantastic.

I guarantee that at some point within the next couple weeks, one will eliminate herself (not literally) based on information you learn..one may be in the same dilemma you're in and not choose you. Since (it seems from your post) you've only been out once with each, you really don't know enough to do anything else.

They both have also been hurt multiple times in their lives and I truly would not want to add to that. 2) Should I make a choice now on which one I may like more?The boom/bust flood/drought thing is a common cycle in life - say you have been looking for Miss Right, and after a long time you have met two.Honesty may not buy you the flavour of the month but at least everyone knows where they stand and they will be relieved at your honesty at some level - because it takes guts and courage at times to be honest.As long as you're not planning on sleeping with both which would be wrong and unfair to them, you're doing ok.The only way to date two women and retain the moral high ground is to procure another penis--whether there's a man attached to it or not is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, you don't decide when you start being the bad guy--the women do.

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