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Guest starring Johnny Vegas as Fran's landlord and Rose Keegan as Alice.While Fran is in desperate need of a job, Manny gets a call from old friend Gus, a diminutive underworld figure.Manny discovers he can play the piano purely on instinct, and against all odds Bernard gets a date with an attractive woman.

Bernard finally breaks the last straw with his constant bullying, and Manny leaves home, but doesn't even manage to let Bernard know about this without being attacked by a bee in a telephone box and finding himself on the streets.

Black Books, an English sitcom television series created by Dylan Moran and Graham Linehan, premiered on 29 September 2000 on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and ended on 15 April 2004. The original 45 minute pilot, recorded in 1998, has not been broadcast and all other episodes were approximately 25 minutes long.

Moran and Linehan decided to end the show in its third series.

However, the shop is overrun by a horde of unseen creatures that Manny and Bernard must make an effort to destroy. Fran takes up Yoga with Eva (Jessica Hynes) and piously lectures everyone about how much better she feels, but she isn't as good at controlling her own urges.

Meanwhile, Bernard discovers a copy of the complete works of Freud and begins tormenting Manny by diagnosing his various neuroses--but this leads to Manny gaining the confidence to finally stand up to him.

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Gus agrees to get Fran a job working for a guy named Nugent in exchange for the bookstore hosting a reading of his nephew Danny's new book. Guest stars: Ricky Grover as Danny, Rob Brydon as B. Fran delves into genealogy to uncover her Eastern European roots, but upon meeting her newly discovered family, she soon wants to get rid of them.

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