Dating poems for kids

Upon the mountains high, Bright and vibrant shoots, Are scattered like the trace, Of tiny fairy fruits. The mountains are receding, The sugar river flowing swift, Is quickly disappearing.

And now there's nothing left, Of the mountains and the stream, Except a trace of pinkish snow, That smells like... While teaching metaphors to a child can be tricky, concrete examples can make this somewhat abstract idea more lucid.

He growls a swift hello, his eyes all aglow, With warrior fire, and burning desire, To be proud Scottish Chieftain.

Each night he dreams in 3-D, of dangerous battles galore, Shining swords, flashing daggers, moated castles, and more.

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Home is my best friend, my partner, my all, Be it ever so humble, be it ever so small.

This poem uses morning and home as metaphors for love and friendship. It compares the physical structure of the home to a memory.

Less obviously, it also uses the sounds and personification of the kettle and saucepan as symbols for familiarity, implied in the lines "You know me, you do," and "I know you, too." Overall, the idea of home represents safety and contentment.

Dignified and tall, the penguins on the ice, Waiters in their black and white, Proper and precise.

Gazelles turn together, A troupe of graceful, dancing girls, Synchronized and slender, Performing plies, jumps, and twirls.

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compares two unlike things: a tiny Chihuahua and a Scottish warrior chieftain.

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