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You Can Freeze Your Credit to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft For a small fee, you can create a lock on your credit that makes it accessible only with a PIN.

Even if a thief obtains all your personal information, this PIN keeps him or her from creating new lines of credit in your name.7.

So here’s some expert advice on ways to sell online and do it safely, whether your wares are garden tools or garden furniture: 1.

Classified ads Probably you’ve heard of Craigslist, a huge, free online market with branches for communities all over the country.

Identity Fraud Occurs Every Two Seconds According to this article on CNN Money, identity fraud was on the rise in 2013, to the point where it's estimated that one incidence of fraud occurs every two seconds.3.

Identity Theft is the Number One Consumer Complaint Every year, the Federal Trade Commission ranks the top consumer complaints throughout the United States.

One of the most surprising facts of identity theft is how often it is perpetrated by someone physically close to the victim.

Hacking and digital data theft are on the rise, but people are still just as likely to steal a credit card offer from your mailbox.9.

Protect your health insurance card the same way you would protect your Social Security number.5.

Let’s see, you’ll need signs, tables, price tags and the patience to meet, greet and haggle with the public.

See also: Quiz: How to Safely Sell Items Online Fine, if that’s your thing.

Beware of Identity Theft on Your Taxes Every year, the IRS prepares a list of a "Dirty Dozen" fraud and tax scams that may affect you during tax season.

One of the most popular scams is identity theft, which can occur randomly, even if you thought your personal information was safe.

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If you think you have provided your account details, passport, tax file number, licence, Medicare or other personal identification details to a scammer, contact your bank, financial institution, or other relevant agencies immediately.

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